Penalty point swapping 'increasing'

A major new survey has shown a raft of teenage drivers are illegally swapping traffic penalty points in a bid to hang onto their licences and keep their car insurance costs down.

And the poll by Autoglass found the problem is not restricted to new drivers. The survey revealed the number of motorists across all age groups who pass on points to family and friends is on the increase.

In the poll of 3,000 motorists, researchers discovered the number of people illegally swapping points has rocketed from 1.5% to 6% of those snared.

For teenagers who face losing their licence if they accumulate six points over a two-year period, the current figure of illegal swapping is as high as 25%.

The survey discovered men are twice as likely as women to swap their points, 13% of people would take on someone's points for cash and 33% of men would use their parents to offload points, while 31% of women would turn to their boyfriend or husband.

Researchers also said drivers in south west England and London are the most dishonest while motorists in Scotland are the least likely to take money for points.

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