Pay in conkers for bonkers parking

Pay in conkers for bonkers parking

Drivers parking in Leeds and Manchester have been paying in conkers this week as part of a zany new scheme.

The "Bonkers for Conkers" campaign is being run by Town Centre Car Parks, with each horse chestnut counting as 20p towards the car parking charge.

Spokesman Matthew Williamson said the scheme is running only at staffed car parks but looks set to be extended beyond its original planned final day on Sunday.

That might be music to the ears of savvy motorists who are already cutting the cost of motoring by shopping around for the cheapestcar insurance policies and switching to more efficient cars to reduce their petrol usage.

The company said it launched the scheme in a bid to increase awareness about vehicle carbon emissions and it intends to sponsor a forest to help offset emissions.

So far it has amassed an incredible 1,500 or so horse chestnuts for this autumnal challenge - but has not yet decided what to do with them.

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