Pay at Pump 'attracts motorists'

Pay at Pump 'attracts motorists'

The ability to pay for petrol at the pump is a big factor for many motorists when deciding where to fill up their cars, new research has shown.

A Pay at Pump facility (37.2%) is the most important factor in influencing where motorists buy petrol, followed by promotions and discounts (35.5%) and friendly and efficient service (24.9%), according to a poll of 9,000 UK customers by customer intelligence firm Market Force Information.

More than two-thirds (68.2%) of customers most frequently fill up their car at supermarkets, compared to just under a third (29%) who fill up at petrol stations with a national name.

Tim Ogle, Europe CEO at Market Force, said customers like the added speed of Pay at Pump facilities but significantly, one in four said a friendly and efficient service is important to them.

"Shell's recent announcement that it will recruit forecourt staff to fill up petrol for busy motorists shows it has listened to shoppers' efficiency needs," he added.

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