Passengers see rise in rail fares

New rail fares have been introduced, with increases well above the level of inflation and some tickets going up by more than 11%.

Rail travellers would "shudder and shiver" when they saw the new fares, according to customer watchdog body Passenger Focus.

But the Association of Train Operating Companies said that some fares were staying the same or going down and commuting by rail was "considerably less expensive than commuting by car".

The increase in regulated fares, which include annual season tickets, is an average of 6%, while unregulated fares - including off-peak tickets - have risen by an average of 7%.

However, the percentage increases in some cases run into double digits, such as the annual season ticket on Southeastern for the Gillingham-London route which have gone up 10.2% to £3,020.

Also, unregulated day return fares on London-Weymouth, Woking-London and Farnborough-London routes on South West Trains have risen by 10%.

The unregulated day return fare on First Capital Connect's Kings Lynn-London route goes up 11.5%, while its unregulated St Neots-London day return fare rises 11.1%.

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