Passengers drive motorists mad

Around four million motorists in the UK say that they would always choose to drive alone as they are so frustrated with annoying passengers.

The poll of 4,000 motorists by Continental Tyres also found that people in their fifties are a third more likely to prefer to go behind the wheel alone than those in their twenties, suggesting tolerance levels deteriorate with age.

According to the survey, passengers' behaviour irritates the car-owner at least three times during the typical car journey on an average. The poll showed that it takes only six minutes for motorists to lose temper.

A fifth also revealed that they were so annoyed at times that they asked a passenger to get out of the car.

The Backseat Driver, who cannot keep their hands, feet and thoughts to themselves, was the most irritating passenger. They brake hard before every junction, slam the dashboard with their hands in panic, comment on every turn, and account for more than four in ten irritating passengers.

A further one in ten came under the 'Fiddler' category - these individuals twiddle with buttons, air conditioning and switch between radio stations, the survey found.

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