Parrot has learner driver in a flap

Parrot has learner driver in a flap

Police were surprised to find a learner driver accompanied only by a parrot when they stopped her on suspicion of speeding on a motorway on Sunday.

Officers pulled over a four-wheel drive vehicle driven by the woman in her 50s close to junction 22 of the M62 in West Yorkshire at around 8.45am.

Afterwards the West Yorkshire Road Policing Unit issued a warning to other drivers with provisional licenses about driving without another qualified motorist in a tweet with a picture of the parrot attached, writing "since parrots are not authorised to supervise learner drivers, her vehicle has been seized by us on the M62".

Provisional licence holders are also not allowed to drive on motorways. The police confiscated the woman's 4x4 and confirmed that she faces motoring offences including speeding.

If she had been involved in an accident she would not have been covered bycar insurance , West Yorkshire Police Chief Inspector Mark Bownass said.

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