Parking fine fears force shoppers to stop

Parking fine fears force shoppers to stop

People are cutting short their Christmas shopping trips to avoid parking fines, research suggests.

As many as 48% of festive shoppers have had to stop early because time was running out on their pay and display parking ticket, according to a survey.

Some 29% have even had to leave the queue for the checkout and abandon their goods for the same reason.

To avoid this scenario, 90% admit overpaying by an average of £1.40 every time they park to go shopping.

But the fear of running out of time on a pay and display parking ticket is not just forcing people to cut short their Christmas shopping trips.

Nearly half of respondents - 45% - have cut short time spent with friends and family to dash back to their car, while 25% have not finished their meal at a restaurant or left a play before the end.

The poll, commissioned by parking payment mobile app PayByPhone, quizzed a total of 2,004 adults from London and Manchester on the issue of pay and display parking.

Perhaps most revealing of all, 42% say the thought of getting a parking ticket is a daily stress.

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