Parking fees target gas-guzzlers

Higher parking fees in Edinburgh are planned to encourage a switch to more environmentally-friendly vehicles, the first such scheme of its kind in the country.

Fees for city centre parking permits would rise from £160 to £320 for cars with the highest CO2 emissions and engine sizes.

The least polluting cars in the outer zones will be charged £15 instead of the current £80.

Officials said the charging structure - applying to cars registered after 2001 - would mean around two-thirds of current permit holders will pay less.

They stressed it was not a money-making scheme, and would lead to a £50,000 drop in parking revenue.

The council also plans to levy a 25% surcharge for second permits in an attempt to reduce the demand which outstrips supply.

Spokesman Robert Aldridge said: "It is our responsibility to take measures designed to make city centre residents consider the impact that their vehicle choice has on our city.

The council runs the City Car Club, a pay-as-you-go service, saving money over the year compared to the cost of ownership.

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