Parking charges see huge rises

Local authorities across England raised and extra £184 million from parking charges between 2008 and 2010, figures show.

The Co-operative Motor Group revealed that every year local council income from parking services raises £1.35 billion.

The statistics, obtained under a freedom of information request, show that English local authorities raised an additional £184 million for parking charges between 2008 and 2010, excluding penalty charge notice income, and compared with figures for 2007.

It added that the figure jumped to £277 million when car parking penalty charge notice income was included.

The increase will not be welcome news for drivers, who are already facing higher prices at the pumps on top of their car insurance costs.

It has been particularly bad for those in Wigan, as the figures reveal it is the top council for off-street parking charge rises over the last three years, up 92.0%.

Followed by Preston up 38.5%, Scarborough 36.4%, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 30.0%, and Telford 30%.

While the council with the highest rises for on-street parking charges was Doncaster up 125.0%, followed by Derby 42.9%, Scarborough 33.3%, Manchester 28.4%, Halifax 25.0%, Northampton and Wigan both 25%.

In contrast Wolverhampton decreased off-street parking charges by 33.3% in the 2008 to 2010 period, while they fell by 15.8% in Hull.

No individual figures were obtained for London boroughs, but an overall figure for the capital showing that there was no increase in on or off-street charges during the period, was obtained by Co-operative Motors.

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