Parking charges for firms proposed

A council is submitting plans to charge city centre firms thousands of pounds to allow staff to park at work.

Companies in the heart of Nottingham would have to pay an annual fee of £185 for every car parking space they provide for employees under proposals by the city council. The scheme would raise millions of pounds, which would go towards expanding Nottingham's tram network.

Nottingham City Council said it was up to employers whether they pass the levy on to their staff, but added that firms with 10 spaces or fewer would not be charged. The scheme is expected to hit the city's 500 largest organisations.

Council representative Jane Urquhart was visiting the Department for Transport in London to hand over a request to implement the charge. "The order is a bold step forward for the levy," she said. "It's an exciting milestone both locally and nationally.

"We've been leading the development of the levy for years. We're the first authority in the UK to do this and it's now up to the Government to confirm our plans."

The Secretary of State for Transport, Ruth Kelly MP, is expected to give a decision on whether the levy can be introduced later this year.

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