Parking cause of rows between neighbours

Parking cause of rows between neighbours

Parking is one of the biggest sources of hostility between neighbours, according to a new survey.

Three-quarters of neighbours fall out over parking disputes, research by OSV Ltd found. It is recommended that neighbours talk to each other before their differences descend into all-out parking wars.

As it is, most motorists (54%) claim they have involved the police in trying to resolve their rows, with s everal of the disagreements entailing drivers parking right outside their neighbours' property.

Sometimes the arguments lead to drastic measures, with some even using traffic cones to prevent neighbours from taking up their space.

Other protective steps include blocking their space with bikes or bins, painting house numbers on the road and even painting their own no parking messages.

This was the case of one 72-year-old resident of Longbridge, Birmingham, who was threatened with legal action by Birmingham City Council in March.

The local authority said she would have to pay to have the markings washed off. She originally had them painted to dissuade motorists from parking there and preventing her from gaining access to her driveway.

Other motorists have had CCTV cameras fitted to keep tabs on their space. One in 100 drivers have fitted the ultimate parking deterrent: a special lockable post.

The poll finds that the chances of neighbours getting embroiled in parking disputes increases threefold if they are male. Nearly seven in 10 (69%) claim they have spent time trying to stop neighbours from parking a vehicle in a space they claim to be theirs.

Debbie Kirksey, co-director of OSV, calls the latest figures "rather worrying". She says the large amount of motorists getting into rows over parking goes against the reputation that Britons have for stiff upper lips and not making a fuss.

Ms Kirksey recommends that neighbours try opening a dialogue first before letting problems "escalate" into full-blown disputes.

After all, she says, life is about much more than just a delegated parking space and people need to be content where they live.

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