Parked-car scrapes costing £1.25bn

Motorists are stung with an estimated £1.25 billion in repair bills each year by drivers who "scrape and run" after colliding with a parked vehicle, a study has shown.

Damage to parked cars is a feature of about 20% of all reported road incidents, according to a survey by accident management company Accident Exchange.

About 700,000 drivers hit a parked car every year, with 80% of those accidents being on the street and the rest in car parks, the study showed.

London was the worst for parked-car bumps and shunts, accounting for about 10% of the incidents, followed by Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and Norwich.

The average cost of repairs for each collision has been calculated at about £1,800.

Accident Exchange chief executive, Steve Evans, said: "The problem is only set to get worse. The number of vehicles on Britain's roads has swelled by almost 10 million over the past decade, leaving 35 million motorists competing for an estimated 2.2 million car park spaces today.

"The real fear is that one day soon, we will have parked-car incident hotspots where nearby residents could even be priced out of insuring their vehicles."

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