Park offers wild lion experience

Park offers wild lion experience

Visitors are getting up close and personal with lions at the West Midlands Safari Park thanks to a new off-road track.

The route, which cuts through the site's recently opened lion enclosure, lets families immerse themselves in the full safari experience.

Bob Lawrence, director of wildlife at the park, said the Realm of Lions enclosure is "completely safe", although drivers can still use the existing tarmac roadway if they wish.

The track is believed to be the first of its kind in the UK, giving visitors the chance to meet the pride of 13 lions, which includes three cubs born earlier this year; Ambush, Ailiyah and Frankel.

"You've got the rocks, the drive-through pool, the waterfall, and if you shut your eyes for a minute you could well imagine yourself to be in the Kruger National Park (South Africa)," added Mr Lawrence.

"You can go on the track quite safely without wrecking the car, it is different, there's nothing else like it in the UK."

He also claimed that you don't need an off-road car to enjoy the route, maintaining it is suitable for the average family saloon car as well as 4x4s.

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