Parish councillor in parking row

A parish councillor has denied breaking the law by painting yellow lines outside his house.

Paul Syrett painted two 5ft by 18ft bays outside his home in Stroud, Gloucestershire, to stop cars blocking his house.

The Woodchester parish councillor argued that the land belonged to him and that he has the right to protect his property.

But Gloucestershire County Council have insisted the land is a highway.

The 46-year-old denied doing anything illegal. He said the land used to be a patio garden surrounded by a fence which was removed 15 years ago to provide parking for the previous residents.

Gloucestershire Highways' Chris Riley said: "The owner of the house painted these markings himself. We have advised him that they are not backed up by any legal order and are not, therefore, enforceable.

"Although these lines are on the public highway, they do not pose a threat to safety in any way and currently, we have no plans to spend taxpayers' money removing them."

Gloucestershire County Council said that even if the land beneath the Tarmac belongs to Mr Syrett, the surface is dedicated as highway according to Highways Records, including Ordnance Survey Maps. Highways rights supercede any other rights, the county council said.

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