Paris unveils plans to remove petrol cars by 2030

Paris unveils plans to remove petrol cars by 2030
Paris aims to make itself an electric-only city by 2030, as new plans were revealed for its removal of petrol-fuelled vehicles.

Having already said diesel cars would be unwelcome in the city centre by 2024, the mayor’s office has backed that up with the intention to do away with petrol equivalents just six years later.

City Hall did, however, stop short of saying the plans mean a ‘ban’ will be imposed by 2030, more that they offer a credible and sustainable “trajectory” for action.

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Paris hosts the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in 2024 and has been upping its efforts to showcase a city leading the way in air pollution.

While plans for the removal of petrol cars are yet to be approved, they signal a strong move from a country that has already started imposing emissions restrictions across its major towns and cities.

Recent research from RAC European Breakdown, however, show a third of UK drivers are unaware of French emissions fines.

Indeed the measures have not pleased everyone in the French capital, with many Parisians said to be angry about recent crackdown measures which include much pedestrianisation and cycle path additions, not to mention car-free days.

Christophe Najdovski, a deputy city mayor responsible for transport policy said of the petrol announcement: “This is about planning for the long term with a strategy that will reduce greenhouse gases.”

“The aim is no way formulated as a ‘ban’ by 2030, but as a trajectory which seems both credible and sustainable,” City Hall added.

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Most people who live in Paris do not own cars, and instead rely on relatively cheap public transport and schemes that offer short-term bike, scooter or electric car rental.

Several cities across the world are considering measures similar to the ones planned in Paris, with the UK university city of Oxford unveiling plans to ban petrol and diesel cars from its centre by 2020 – a potential world first.

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