Parents back black boxes in cars

Parents back black boxes in cars

'Black box' driver-monitoring technology has the support of almost half of parents of young people learning to drive.

Telematics systems allow parents to check how fast and how safely their offspring are driving, Goodyear says.

The survey reveals 47% of parents across the EU approve of the idea, compared to in Italy - where just under three-quarters (73%) of mums and dads support it.

It also has strong backing in Poland and Romania, where 72% of parents would like the technology installed in the cars their children drive.

The Goodyear Europe, Middle East and Africa poll involved 6,800 mothers and fathers of novice motorists in 19 nations.

Research has already shown that novices are more careful at the wheel if they think their parents know how they are driving.

Telematics encourages drivers to follow the rules and avoid taking risks, according to European Driving Schools Association president John Lepine.

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