Parents admit bad school run driving

Parents admit bad school run driving

Parents admit they could do more to prevent school run problems, a new poll has found.

Nearly a quarter of 1,000 mothers and fathers (24%) questioned admitted they neither look about them more nor slow down when approaching their child's nursery or school.

Brake, t he road safety charity, added that nearly a third (32%) confessed to driving unsafely around nurseries or schools which their children do not attend.

Most parents (59%) said they had seen motorists speeding in the vicinity of their children's nursery or school during the last year.

Three in 10 of them had witnessed young school pupils not properly secured in their child restraints.

Other school run driving issues witnessed included illegal or selfish parking (65%), parents not looking before turning or pulling out (60%), driver distraction including mobile phone use (47%), and road rage (33%).

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: "Speed is a major factor in fatal road accidents and this, combined with the fact that more than 500 schoolchildren are still being killed or seriously injured every year, should send a clear enough message to all road users to stick to the speed limit.

"These figures suggest however that the message is still not getting through. For some drivers, it seems that even the sight of the school gates is not enough of a reminder to stay focused on the road and what is going on around them.

"Motorists need to remember that text messages, phone calls and Facebook posts can wait - helping ensure youngsters using our roads stay safe cannot."

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