Parent taxis 'do 200 miles a week'

"Parent taxis" driving their children to activities outside school are clocking up more than 200 miles per week on average, a survey has claimed.

This extra mileage could boost the family fuel bill by around £1,800 per year at current prices, adding to motoring costs such ascar insurance andbreakdown cover.

More than 2,000 parents around the UK were polled by, which found around 3% of youngsters required lifts amounting to more than 200 miles of special journeys each week, equal to nearly one third of a London taxi driver's weekly mileage.

The average London taxi driver covers around 135 miles per day over a five day week, said the Licensed Taxi Driver Association (LTDA).

Parents make three trips a week on average, covering 50.02 miles to transport their children to events such as sport activities and parties, said the survey.

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