Panda in Russian Winter Olympics

Panda in Russian Winter Olympics

A limited-edition Fiat Panda 4x4 Antarctica has embarked on an epic journey to Russia in time for next week's Winter Olympics.

Participants who started off at the Italian manufacturer's Turin base set theirjourney planner for Sochi, home of this year's games from February 7-23.

The winter-themed Panda Antarctica, together with sponsors Nokia, Nitro Snowboards and Beats by Dr Dre, started the trip, estimated at 2,095 miles (3,372km), last week. It is part of a publicity stunt targeted at youngsters, who might be into fashion or winter sports and who just might purchase a Panda.

Members of Fiat's Freestyle team are alternating places on the route. The crew will visit 16 different European locations on the way to Sochi with the intention of capturing the most unusual sides of the local cultures.

Leading photographers and videographers will record their antics at places such as Dracula's castle in Transylvania, the Pot‘mkin Stairs in the Ukraine, Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva.

The Panda 4x4 is commonly regarded as one of the best small off-roaders money can buy, regularly outperforming much bigger and more expensive machinery in trials.

Over 500,000 four-wheel drive Pandas have been constructed since the original version was introduced in 1984.

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