Pair filmed driving through school

Pair filmed driving through school

Video-sharing site YouTube is showing footage of two high-spirited teenagers who drove their cars along school corridors for an end of term prank.

The 18-year-olds Ben Wilson and Oli Stavrakakis were arrested and cautioned after the incident at Malmesbury School in Wiltshire.

Police and firefighters were called to the building after the Year 13 pupils managed to get their Suzuki Twist and Peugeot 106 through the main entrance on May 21 before they finished school to go on study leave.

No-one was injured, but the pair were cautioned after scraping a pillar and temporarily excluded from school, though they were allowed back to sit their A-levels.

The footage was filmed on a mobile phone to the amusement of another student who can be heard saying "how did they get in".

One teacher walks past the camera and does a double take at the sight before another rushes over to the green Peugeot as it is half way through its manoeuvre and demands the driver turn off the engine.

Head teacher Tim Gilson said in reports earlier this month: "They are not bad lads, either of them, but they have just done something really stupid."

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