Oxfordshire cars emit most CO2

A new study suggests motorists in Oxfordshire drive the most environmentally unfriendly new cars in the UK.

According to the European Commission's Green Road Map of Britain, new cars in the county emit more carbon dioxide (CO2), in comparison with other parts of the country.

While the average new car purchased in Britain pumps out 145.2 grammes of CO2 per kilometre, cars in Oxfordshire emits 168g/km on average.

The report added Cornwall is the most eco-friendly county, with average emissions of 138g/km.

Research by Bosch also found that although 85% of motorists intend to help the environment, only 6% consider green factors while buying a car.

Carmakers would have to cut average emissions of CO2 from new cars sold in the UK to below 130g/km by 2015, to meet EU target.

Currently, 35 million vehicles run on British roads, leading to 22% of the country's CO2 emissions.

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