Oxfordshire cameras turned on again

A series of powered down speed cameras in Oxfordshire are due to be switched back on again.

Thames Valley Police announced that 72 fixed camera sites and 89 mobile sites in the county will be operational again from April 1.

They were originally turned off on August 1, 2010, after Oxfordshire County Council withdrew funding for its road safety grant.

With many motorists enduring increases to theircar insurance premium, the re-introduction of the cameras might encourage them to make doubly sure they avoid creeping over the speed limit by accident, which would incur fines.

Superintendent Rob Povey, head of roads policing for Thames Valley, said: "We think this is important because we know that speed kills and speed is dangerous.

"We have shown in Oxfordshire that speed has increased through monitoring limits and we have noticed an increase in fatalities and the number of people seriously injured in 2010. We know that speed enforcement does work as a deterrent to motorists."

Thames Valley Police Authority committee chairman for Oxfordshire Ian Abbott and Oxfordshire County Council cabinet member for transport councillor Rodney Rose both backed the plans for the cameras to be turned back on.

Speaking on Friday, Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, said: "Speed cameras are controversial, but work done for us suggests that nationally each year they save 800 people from being killed or seriously injured.

"Today's decision will be welcomed by the majority of drivers who back their use. Speed cameras are certainly not the only way of saving life on the roads, but Oxfordshire County Council has recognised they are part of it. Hopefully other councils considering turning off their cameras will now rethink their positions."

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