Owners reluctant to wash their cars

Less than one in 10 of us clean our car regularly during the winter months even though grit and salt cause damage to vehicles, according to recent figures.

As we come out of the recent cold snap there is a still plenty of salt left over on the roads which, when combined with moisture or rain, can cause rapid corrosion to the car.

Only 11% of car owners clean their vehicles more often in the winter months - when the threat of corrosion is higher - than during the summer.

The research, conducted by Karcher, found that four in 10 put off washing their cars for as long as possible regardless of the season.

With vehicle salt corrosion costing an estimated £500,000 each year, washing the car is a job that unfortunately needs to be done - especially in winter.

The majority of drivers (55%) also admitted they would not be able to check the underneath of their vehicles for any potential signs of leaks or rust.

Although the majority (71%) of car owners stated they are concerned about their vehicles depreciating in value due to lack maintenance, few are willing to do anything about it.

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