Overseas car trip ends in UK prang

A retired couple who spent 16 months driving a rare classic car around the world without incident returned to England, where it was promptly dented by a careless motorist in a supermarket car park.

Geoffrey and Hilary Herdman's 1956 Bristol 405 Drophead Coupe needed minimal repairs as it successfully negotiated some of the world's toughest roads during the 33,000-mile trip, but the couple were brought back down to earth when they were told that the dent would cost approximately £300 to fix.

The bill might be a bitter pill to swallow considering they forked out a little less than £80 on repairs during the first 24,000 miles of their epic journey, but they might be able to recoup the added expenditure by shopping around for the best-priced car insurance deals available.

According to Mr Herdman, a retired chartered accountant, the car ran extremely well during the trip and only had to be booked into a garage for a few minor repairs, including a couple of tyre punctures.

This is particularly impressive considering that along with the mechanical rigours of travelling across the world, the car and the Herdmans themselves could have been targeted by thieves and kidnappers.

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