Over-60s 'embrace in-car gadgets'

Over-60s 'embrace in-car gadgets'

The over-60s appear to be embracing in-car accessories, according to new research.

Around two out of every three motorists with in-car digital radio are in the over-60s age group, the survey by carfinance247.co.uk revealed.

And the age-old in-car accessory furry dice are said to be making a comeback, with over-60s again embracing its resurgence.

More than one in five respondents to the poll admitted to having furry dice in their car, with the over-60s group the third most popular age band for owning them.

Other results from the poll include the finding that 37.5% of motorists overall have an in-car hands-free telephone system, although more than double the amount of men (47%) than women (19%) claim to have one.

Just 4% of motorists said they have in-car TV, with 5% of men and 2.7% of women saying they have that feature in their vehicle.

The findings make interesting reading from a car insurance point of view, given that motorists with the latest gadgets will want to ensure that they have appropriately comprehensive cover to provide full peace of mind.

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