Over 300 'injured on driving tests'

There were over 300 examiners and learner drivers injured while on driving tests in the UK in 2010, according to new figures.

Data from theDriving Standards Agency, obtained in a freedom of information request by windscreen repair firm Autoglass, showed that five examiners were attacked, while 209 were verbally abused by stressed-out candidates last year.

Over a million dangerous or serious faults were committed by nervous or unprepared learner drivers during car practical driving tests, figures have shown.

The figures from the Driving Standards Agency revealed that 147 major injuries were reported last year where an examiner or candidate needed medical attention from a GP or at hospital.

There were also 192 minor injuries where the victims received basic first aid, treated themselves or did not require treatment.

Poor observation at junctions was revealed to be the main reason why learner drivers fail the test, with 65,988 dangerous and 296,341 serious faults being recorded.

Another common cause of failure was bad use of mirrors, with 32,827 dangerous and 172,945 serious faults reported.

Matthew Mycock, managing director of Autoglass, said: "Driving tests can be stressful occasions but these figures really are quite alarming.

"They beg the very real question of how many candidates are being entered before they are fully prepared.

"Of course people are going to make mistakes during the course of a test. But it is worrying that so many dangerous or serious errors are happening, not only from the point of view of candidates and examiners but also other road users and pedestrians."

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