Osborne may delay fuel cost rises

Chancellor George Osborne may delay any more fuel cost rises when he delivers his autumn statement on Tuesday as drivers brace themselves for a petrol rise in the new year.

The price of petrol is to go up by around 3p per litre in January because of a planned rise in fuel duty, and some Conservative MPs have joined the increasingly loud opposition to these moves.

They have argued in the Commons that road users under pressure in the tough economic times should be helped. Now there is speculation Mr Osborne will announce a postponement of the fuel duty rise and cut 2% off a planned rail fare rise.

With such financial pressure on them, drivers are struggling more and more to cover all the bases of motoring, trying to ensure they set enough money aside for a good car insurance deal.

The increase due in January was due in April this year, and the April 2012 rise has already been postponed until next August. It is possible the Chancellor will decide on a delay following the recent Commons debate which showed the extent of feeling over fuel duty.

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