Organs on show in seat belt advert

A new seat-belt campaign that must be shown after 9pm due to the graphic pictures of damaged internal organs it features has been launched by the Government.

In a bid to persuade people to belt up, the commercial shows gory images of what car accidents can do to a body's vital organs.

An edited version is being screened just before 7pm on ITV in the lead up to the £2.6 million campaign this month. It also includes radio, cinema, and online advertising.

Research has shown that one life could be saved each day if every driver and passenger uses a seat belt when they get in a car.

The Government estimates that seat belts have prevented an estimated 60,000 deaths and 670,000 serious injuries since 1983 when they were made mandatory for drivers and front-seat passengers.

Dr Katherine Henderson, consultant in emergency medicine at St Thomas' Hospital in London, is supporting the latest campaign.

She said: "We see back-seat passengers needlessly injured because they were unrestrained at the moment of impact. I used to work with air ambulances and it was really obvious that seat belts made the difference between life and death."

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