Only a fifth back driverless car trials

Only a fifth back driverless car trials

Only one in five motorists across two areas which are to run trials of driverless cars would consider using such a vehicle, a poll has found.

A total of 20% of motorists aged 40 or over in the South West and West Midlands said they would consider using a driverless car. Bristol and Coventry are two of the four areas chosen for the trials.

The research - carried out for an over-50s organisation - found that only 15% of North East drivers are behind the concept, as opposed to 43% in the East Midlands and North West.

Overall, just less than a third (29%) of 750 motorists told the poll they think driverless cars are a good idea.

In the 60-69 age range, a total of 32% were keen to have a go.

The other two areas chosen for the trials are Greenwich in south London and Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire.

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