Online game to teach road safety

A free online roleplaying game to get children thinking about road safety has been launched in an attempt to lower the number of child traffic deaths and injuries in Britain.

Multiplayer game The Code of Everand represents roads as spirit channels, and players become Pathfinders who must plan ahead to find a safe place to cross.

The game is aimed at pre-teens, with statistics showing 17 children aged 10-12 were killed on Britain's roads in 2008 and more than 2,500 were injured.

The Code of Everand website has no mention of governmental agendas, road safety or traditional safety guides such as the Green Cross Code, but research has shown children can develop skills such as co-operation, logical thinking and planning ahead from computer games.

Road safety minister Paul Clark said at the launch: "Today's young people have access to more media than any before and their attitudes to communications have become much more sophisticated. The Code of Everand reflects this sophistication and by communicating with children through a medium they already enjoy using we hope to improve their understanding of the importance of safe road behaviour."

Government campaigners Think! created the Code of Everand with games specialist Area/Code.

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