One-off Dinky toy fetches £6,400

A Dinky toy from the 1950s - the only one of its kind in the world - has been auctioned for £6,400.

The toy was sold to an unnamed collector through Wallis and Wallis Auction House in Lewes, East Sussex.

The three-inch long Austin A40 model is a one-off prototype that was never manufactured on a mass scale.

The light blue coloured miniature was made for Omnisport, a general store in El Salvador, central America, and has the words Omnisport Todo Para El Deporte painted on it.

The toy's existence was discovered after a local dealer brought it to the auction house. He said he bought the van five years ago from a man who worked in central America.

Auctioneer Glenn Butler said: "It's like somebody interested in stamp collecting finding a penny black or an art lover finding a rare Constable. Interest in it has been worldwide.

"This was not only rare but in superb condition, considering it has been hanging around for 52 years."

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