One millionth Qashqai rolls out

Nissan's Sunderland plant has hit a milestone, manufacturing its one millionth Qashqai.

Staff at the plant celebrated the achievement even as Nissan said the landmark vehicle, a silver 2.0-litre diesel, will be offered as a prize.

Into its fifth year of production, Qashqai has also created history by becoming the first ever British built car to reach the million mark in such a short span of time.

Nissan's Qashqai has been a runaway success, and the brand's popularity has prompted the company to design, engineer and produce the next generation of the crossover in the UK, safeguarding 6,000 jobs.

The ultra-productive Sunderland plant, which churns out 1,200 Qashqais a day, has around 5,000 workers. It also employs 500 people at its technical centre in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, and another 40 at the European design centre in Paddington.

Qashqais are mostly exported to other markets across the world, with only less than 20% sold in the UK.

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