One in 10 parking tickets quashed

A new survey has revealed that one in 10 drivers have successfully appealed against a parking ticket in the past year, although a further 16% had their appeal rejected.

Parking tickets were accepted without appeal in 70% of cases, the research by the Office for National Statistics shows.

Young drivers have received more parking tickets than any other group in the past year, and, overall, around one in five drivers have fallen foul of traffic wardens.

Of 16 to 34-year-olds, 32% have received a ticket in the past 12 months, compared with 18% of drivers of all ages.

The poll found that 37% of those ticketed felt that they were not parked illegally and 35% of people who live in areas where parking is restricted agreed or agreed strongly with the statement "parking restrictions are mostly there to make money".

The poll of approximately 1,100 adults revealed that 28% of drivers limit their car use because of availability of parking, while 27% said they did so because of the cost.

Of those surveyed, a quarter said parking laws have caused them problems and a fifth said they were confused by the rules.

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