One in 10 motorists 'take risks'


But this doesn't seem to have had an effect on the behaviour of more than one in 10 (11.65%) motorists who admitted to regularly taking risks while driving in an attempt to make up for lost time spent stuck in traffic jams.

New research carried out by found that 25.65% of motorists admitted to driving above the speed limit in a bid to shorten their journey time. Some 15.60% said they had overtaken vehicles and 11.75% said they had driven faster while approaching traffic lights.

Of the 2,000 British drivers surveyed, 7.35% admitted to undertaking, 8.15% owned up to driving aggressively and 5.15% said they had taken corners at high speed.

A spokesperson for said: " We urge people to really consider the safety of themselves and others when getting behind the wheel; to leave plenty of time for their journey, and to keep calm in all situations."

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