'On your bike' says London Mayor

An 'on your bike' scheme has been launched by London Mayor Boris Johnson in a bid to fight traffic congestion and make the city greener.

Experienced riders will take to the saddle on Fridays to guide novice two-wheeled commuters into central London from six different satellite locations.

The scheme will last until until October 2, and Johnson, himself a keen cyclist said: "Whether it's Monday, Wednesday or Sunday, I tend to go by bike but although it is safe and getting safer I fully appreciate that some people find it a little daunting at first.

"'Cycle Fridays' are a brilliantly simple way of giving thousands of commuters the confidence to get cycling. I'm sure that, when they see how much of a fun, healthy and convenient experience it can be, they will be hooked."

Transport for London spokesman Ben Plowden said: "Cycling is a great way to get around London, but getting started can be intimidating.

"Cycle Fridays are one of the ways TfL is working with London's cyclists to help people to start - and keep - cycling in London."

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