Older drivers 'should take retest'

Although majority of people believe that young drivers pose more of a risk to road safety, about 73% said that they would report elderly people to the authorities if they worried about their driving standards.

A survey of 1,628 people by the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) found that around 68% think that drivers over the age of 70 should consider a driving test again for the benefit road safety.

However, most drivers (77%) still think young drivers are a bigger concern when it comes to practising safe driving habits.

IAM director of policy and research Neil Greig said: "It is good news that most drivers are aware that young drivers are the demographic most in need of help, but worrying that the mandatory retest has a fairly high level of support.

"One in four polled agreed strongly that a mandatory retest at 70 would benefit road safety."

IAM believes it is important "to reassure the public that older drivers do not represent a disproportionate risk".

Mr Greig explained: "A total of 8% of drivers are over 70 and they are involved in around 4% of injury crashes. But 15% of drivers are in their teens and 20s and they are involved in 34% of injury crashes.

"Retesting at 70 would be a mammoth administrative task with little road safety benefit and the Government and safety bodies must work together to communicate the facts about older drivers more widely."

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