Older drivers back refresher course

A majority of older motorists believe refresher driving courses would benefit people over 70, new research has shown.

A poll of more 1,150 drivers by RAC found 84% of those aged over 70 support refresher courses, with focus on driving in wintry conditions, at night and on motorways and dual carriageways.

A quarter of the over-70 motorists said they lacked the confidence to drive in winter weather.

Meanwhile, the behaviour of fellow road users was the biggest concern for most drivers, followed by high motoring costs.

Of those polled, 98% were worried about people getting behind the wheel without tax or car insurance, 96% were concerned over drink and drug driving, while 93% were concerned about people using mobile phones when driving.

The number of drivers using hand-held mobiles at the wheel has risen from just 8% in 2009 to 28% this year, while those confessing to texting is up from 11% to 31%.

The poll also showed that the number of people driving a people carrier or 4x4 has dropped slightly to 10% and the number of drivers of luxury or sports cars has almost halved to just 5%.

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