Older cars top insurance claimants

Nearly 40% of insurance claims are made by cars that are three to six years old, though their number on the roads amounts to only 24%, it has been revealed.

Virgin Money Car insurance found that motorists with five-year-old vehicles made the most number of claims at 9.61%, followed by those with four-year-old vehicles at 9.56%.

Drivers of six-year-old cars were next with 9.08% insurance claims in their name.

Virgin Money Car Insurance spokesman Grant Bather said: "Drivers tend to change their car every three to five years and on this evidence they have some justification.

"This is not to say that cars five years old are the most dangerous, but that they are more likely to be involved in an incident that leads to a claim being made. This may be a traffic accident, breakdown or theft.

Mr Bather advised people buying a second-hand car to make sure that "they have taken the necessary action to ensure that the car meets all of the road standards".

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