Old Merc fetches £720K at auction

Old Merc fetches £720K at auction

One of the oldest surviving Mercedes cars - described as the "ultimate Christmas present" - has fetched £720,000 at auction.

A super-rich Eastern European car collector successfully bid for the near-109-year-old Mercedes Simplex 28/32 HPs Phaeton last week.

The buyer will be able to take the piece of history for a spin as the still-complete car was reported to be in superb, drivable condition before its sale - which was the first time it had been auctioned.

The Simplex Phaeton is joining the buyer's large and well-established collection following the Coys' True Greats sale in London.

Chris Routledge, Managing Partner of Coys, said afterwards that classic cars are a phenomenal investment.

He said: "This Mercedes, which is nearly 110 years old, could be the ultimate Christmas present that will go up in value."

The oldest known Mercedes car, a 1902 Simplex series model, is owned by the German car manufacturer and tethered at its jaw-dropping vehicle museum in Stuttgart.

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