Officers help deliver baby in car

A family got an early Christmas present after a police community support officer played the role of midwife, saving the life of their new baby at the roadside.

After her contractions began on Saturday, Inga Munkova, 26, was diverted from King's Lynn Hospital, which is five minutes from her home to Peterborough, as it was full.

On her way, Miss Munkova suspected that she won't be able to hold out. Luckily, two passing PCSOs, Sam Dyer and Donna Thompson helped her to deliver a healthy baby girl in the back seat of their neighbour's car.

Though not trained professionally in medicine, Mrs Thompson said she relied on her own experience of giving birth to four children.

The happy mum said: "I didn't have time to panic but my husband was very concerned.

"In my home country we would go into hospital much earlier so I thought maybe this was normal for England.

"The birth took about 15 minutes and was surprisingly easy."

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