Number of older drivers increase

An official transport body has urged the Government to come up with a "vital" strategy aimed at older drivers.

The announcement follows a report conducted by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (Pacts), which showed that there has been a major increase over the past few years in the amount of older people who have driving licenses.

Data from the research shows that in 2010 nearly three in five (60%) people aged 70 and above were driving, compared with 1975 when there were only 15% who held licenses.

A further 80% of people aged between 60 to 69 currently hold licenses, and the report predicts that they will carry on driving for the next two decades. It also found that around four in five (more than 80%) people aged 30 to 39 are motorists and will continue to drive until around the year 2050.

Pacts said: "The report therefore concludes that older road users are here to stay and that a national strategy for an ageing population is vital."

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