Nova and Fiesta 'fondly remembered'

Nova and Fiesta 'fondly remembered'

Buying your first car is a rite of passage we all go through. But would you like to own your starter motor again?

That question was put to a group of expert motoring journalists - and more than a quarter said 'Yes'.

The Vauxhall Nova and Ford Fiesta Mk2 from the 80s were the two most fondly remembered cars in the poll. Third place, somewhat surprisingly went to the Austin Allegro.

Drivers who pass their test today will probably never have heard of the Allegro. The small family car was produced by British Leyland between 1973 and 1982, although it was released under the Austin name.

It was built to replace British Leyland's hugely popular 1100/1300 range, and to rival the Fiat 128 and the Citro‘n GS. But sales never lived up to expectations. Production was stopped less than 10 years after it started.

Yet the motor holds a special place in people's hearts. One writer still owns the Allegro he first drove after passing his test.

A Hillman Imp and a Lada are among the other cars happily remembered by the journalists. The Imp, a rear-engined saloon car, was famous because you could remove the ignition key while driving and carry on.

More than a quarter of the well-regarded writers that were quizzed said they would be delighted to own their first car again. Other first sets of wheels included a Citroen 2CV, Renault 5, Volkswagen Polo and DAF 33.

Times have changed since then. There is now much more choice for people looking to buy their first motor, with all sorts of makes and models on the used car market, plus much more help and assistance.

It can be a daunting experience. After all, you want to get the best car for your budget. But how do you know what is the right one?

Data checks and vehicle inspections can give you peace of mind that you are making a good purchase, provided the vehicle passes. If it fails, at least you can move on safe in the knowledge that you avoided a problem motor.

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