Nostalgia 'affects car purchases'

"First-car" nostalgia has prompted many drivers to say they would like to buy their old wheels back.

The poll from found that as many as 20% would be keen to buy back the first vehicle they owned.

Of the 2,370 people surveyed, a further 20% said they would like to buy a new car which reminded them of their first one.

The scrapheap was the final destination of the vehicles of 16% of the respondents, with a tenth of those people devastated at the loss of their first motoring love.

Whatever the age of a car, it is a legal necessity to getcar insurance cover.

The survey also found that 64% did not worry about the age of a car as long as it was working and roadworthy.

But a less sentimental 10% reckoned a car that was between two and five years old was just too old to be considered when replacing an existing motor.

Auto Trader marketing director Matt Thompson said: "First-car nostalgia rings 1 with us all.

"Whether it's leaving the handbrake off the first time you parked on a hill or fun-filled road trips with friends, the first car carries with it many memories."

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