North/South gap in transport funds

New figures have shown a widening gap in transport spending between the northern and the southern parts of the UK.

A study of Treasury public spending figures shows a total of £802 per head is spent on transport in London, up from £634.

This figure is nearly three times higher than the amount spent in the West Midlands and north of England, which stands at £286, according to thePassenger Transport Executive Group (pteg).

In north-east England, £248 per head is spent on transport, while the figure stands at £333 for north-west England, £272 for Yorkshire and Humberside, and £257 for the West Midlands.

Pteg chairman Geoff Inskip said: "Our cities are economic powerhouses but a greater level of transport investment in Britain's major urban centres is needed to help bridge the north-south divide and ensure that we can boost our economic performance and reach our potential."

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