North 'has more crashes-for-cash'

Research has revealed that drivers in the north of England are more likely to be involved in a staged road accident than those in the south.

Insurer Direct Line says the top five spots for so-called crash-for-cash incidents, under which fraudsters stage accidents in order to claim compensation, are in the North.

Fraudsters often make unnecessary emergency stops at busy slip roads or roundabouts, leading to innocent motorists crashing into them.

The innocent driver's insurer then receives inflated claims, often including compensation for injuries they did not sustain, such as whiplash.

According to estimates, fraudulent insurance claims cost the industry £350 million every year. On average they add £44 to premiums for honest motorists, while also delaying payouts on genuine claims.

The insurer said monitoring claims has led its anti-fraud team to hundreds of sites across the country that are regularly used by fraudsters to stage bogus accidents, including Centenary Way in Trafford Park, Greater Manchester and Haslingden roundabout at junction 5 of the M65 in Lancashire.

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