Non-Europeans banned from the roads

Non-permanent residents who are not from Europe will soon be barred from driving on UK roads, the Government has said.

Foreign nationals who are in the country temporarily will no longer be allowed to apply for a driving licence.

In a written statement to MPs, junior transport minister Paul Clark said: "It is right that those whose status remains undecided and those without leave should not be seeking to establish the benefits of ordinary settled life in the UK, including access to driving licences. Transitional provisions will apply to those with an outstanding licence application at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency."

The Government wants all migrants from outside the European Economic Area who wanted a UK driving licence to have an Identity Card for Foreign Nationals, Mr Clark said.

"As a preliminary measure, I am informing the House that from today those applying for a provisional as well as full driving licence will have to demonstrate that they are lawfully resident in the UK, not simply lawfully present, in order to qualify for a driving licence."

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