No looking back with mirror idea

No looking back with mirror idea

Nissan has come up with an innovative piece of technology to help motorists reverse its cars far more easily in the future.

Many people find reversing into parking spaces one of the hardest driving skills to master and to help them the Japanese car giant is adding a small LCD monitor to its rear view mirrors to give drivers a better picture of what is behind them.

The new Nissan system uses a camera at the back of the car and displays the image within the mirror, avoiding obstructions that usually affect the vision of drivers when manoeuvring.

Those who prefer to use their rear view mirror in a more conventional fashion can just turn off the display at the touch of a button. The system could help drivers avoid prangs and resultingcar insurance claims.

It is thought that Nissan will test the feature in its motorsport cars before fitting the technology in selected other vehicles from next year.

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