No insurance for unlucky Hammond

Accident-prone Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond says his many crashes have made it difficult for him to get insurance for a skiing holiday.

'The hamster' was left in a critical condition three years ago when he crashed a jet-powered dragster, but the latest injury to hold him back is a twisted ankles sustained while running in the woods.

Speaking on Absolute Radio, he said his history meant insurers were reluctant to take him on.

"Running in the woods, I twisted my ankle so the holiday insurers say we can't insure you," Hammond explained.

"It is always a tremendous moment - say the name Richard Hammond, long pause, 'any accidents in the last ...?' Yes, all right, yes there have been."

"I'm collecting rubbish ailments. I've had kidney stones, they're not very heroic. Athlete's foot, that's a puller. Hernia, oh yeah.

"Now I've twisted my ankle. None of them are the kind of things you lean on at parties."

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