No-fault crash compensation urged

Crash victims ought to receive insurance pay-outs even when it cannot be established who was to blame, the Government has been told.

At present, British civil law says that where an accident has happened, negligence and liability must be established before compensation can be paid.

But Labour's Brian Iddon (Bolton SE) said it is unfair that victims should suffer, citing a constituent who was hit by a car driven by a man suffering from a heart attack.

The driver died, and neither the constituent's insurance company nor the driver`s would pay out, despite the constituent being unable to work four years later.

Introducing his Road Traffic (Accident Compensation) Bill, Mr Iddon said: "It is unfair that anyone injured where they are not at fault must either pursue such cases to court at their own risk or simply accept that they will not receive any compensation."

Mr Iddon said the Association of British Insurers had advised him that cases like this happened "extremely rarely" and often insurance firms were prepared to look sympathetically at the situation.

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