'No extra charge for winter tyres'

Motorists who drive in vehicles fitted with winter tyres will not be asked to pay higher car insurance premiums, according to the ABI.

ABI members, which constitute 90% of car insurance companies in the UK, have signed up to a commitment according to which extra charges will not be imposed on motorists who use winter tyres which are safe and are fitted properly.

Nick Starling, director of general insurance at the ABI, said: "Insurers do not want to penalise motorists who take steps, like fitting winter tyres, to improve their safety on dangerous winter roads.

"Last year cold weather came early and there was some uncertainty for customers about the insurance implications of fitting winter tyres.

"This commitment clarifies the position for motorists."

However, some insurers may ask drivers to inform them if they have fitted winter tyres, while those fitting new wheels are also advised to contact their car insurance company.

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